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Gibtelecom Plans Massive Fiber Optic Broadband Deployment

The incumbent telecom operator of Gibraltar, the Gibtelecom is planning for a nationwide high speed broadband network. In order to support the front end of broadband networks, the operator is intending for an overhaul of its existing legacy networks by upgrading and or replacing it with fiber optic cables in the backbone. Gibtelecom intends to provide its Gibraltar based customers with ultrafast broadband. Operator’s strategy is to augment its current networks with the latest optical fiber cable network that will be capable of delivering high capacity, high bandwidth services to its current and future customers.

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Verizon Signs Agreement with Unions

US-based Telecom network operator Verizon says they have reached an agreement with the CWA and IBEW on new contracts with the company’s 36,500 employees-mainly wireline and 165 wireless employees in the Northeast. Verizon has been in the news for the past two months ever since the operator announced massive investment plans, followed by a destructive employees strike.

Map showing Europe, North America and South America with lines indicating the routes of Bursa and Marea submarine fiber optic cable through the Atlantic ocean

Facebook and Microsoft Invest in Marena Fiber Cable System

Atlantic Ocean will get one more submarine fiber optic cable that will connect Spain at the European side and the Virginia state of the United States at the North American continent side. The submarine fiber cable project called Marea is built by giant web companies, Facebook and Microsoft in partnership with Telefonica. They have teamed up to build a new fiber optic cable under the Atlantic Ocean to have more control over their data transmission.

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Fujitsu Offers Internship Opportunity in Philippines

Japan based leading telecommunications infrastructure provider and equipment vendor Fujitsu invites applications from engineering students who are interested in building a career in telecom domain. The internship opportunity is available to engineering graduates in Philippines.

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Introduction to 100G Optics – CFP and QSFP28 Transceivers

2015 witnessed the prosperity of the telecom market. Many research company predicts that the market of 2016 for the telecommunication field will continue to thrive. With such a bright future, the fiber optic market attracts wide attention and many vendors want a piece of the pie. At present, 40G is ubiquitous in the data center and 100G is accelerating. As…

Three Useful Fiber Patch Cords and Their Use 1

Three Useful Fiber Patch Cords and Their Use

fiber optic patch cables are also available in several kinds, including single-mode/multi-mode, simplex/duplex, MPO/MTP cable, armored patch cord, and so on. This article aims to introduce the last three useful fiber patch cords and their use.