48-port-poe-switch stacking

48 Port PoE Switch Stacking: Do You Really Need It?

When network designers build their networks, there is a common problem that they may meet: whether to stack switches or not. Because limited by the switch port counts, designers have to get more switches or stack switches to meet network build requirements. In the article, the stack of 48-port PoE switch will be used as examples to explore how to…


Extending Your Network with 48 Port PoE Switch

Power over Ethernet technology, also referred to as PoE, enables people to adopt the Ethernet cable to transmit data to the PoE device while supply power at the same time, thus reducing the use of power lines and saving costs. PoE technology is very commonly used in IP camera, wireless AP etc. PoE switch, especially 48 Port PoE Switch, has…

PEACE Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Route

Huawei Marine Starts Construction of PEACE Undersea Fiber Optic Cable

On November 6, Huawei Marine announced that it had started its survey work and desk study to build submarine fiber optic cable system called PEACE (Pakistan East Africa Cable Express). Huawei in collaboration with one of the key investors Tropic Science Co.Ltd will survey the cable route from Pakistan’s southern coast to the East African region. With initial work underway, the project is targeted for completion in Q4, 2019.


Current Situation of Suppliers for White Boxes’ Three Major Components

White boxes are not something new to us. Since they promise a high level of freedom for networking at a low cost, they have been gaining more and more popularity among customers in recent years. As a piece of hardware, a white box switch can be purchased separately from the software. According to the relevant statistic, this decoupling can save…

fiber optics

UPN Partners With Metroplex for Toyota Music Factory in Irving

US based Unite Private Networks (UPN), a leading provider of high-capacity, optical fiber-based communication networks announces their partnership with DFW-based Metroplex Communications to deliver 20 Gigabit Internet to Toyota Music Factory in Irving, Texas. UPN provides Metroplex Communications a P2P (point-to-point) fiber connectivity from Toyota Music Factory in Irving to Metroplex’s POP at the Infomart Data Center in Dallas. UPN’s…

business collaboration

Cellcom Reaches Agreements with Partner Communications for Network Sharing

Cellcom Reaches Agreements with Partner Communications for Network
Israel’s telecom operator Cellcom Israel Ltd (CIL) is in negotiations with another telecom operator Partner Communications Company Ltd (PCCL) or Partner for deploying a common fiber optic network and sharing it by both firms. The legal terms of the long-term agreement states that each party will be entitled to purchase from time to time, as per its needs and at its sole discretion, fiber optic infrastructure services (including Indefeasible Right of Use – IRU) in the other party’s present and/or future fiber optics infrastructure in order to connect residential buildings throughout Israel.