black colored box which is an optical switch connected to aqua colored fiber optic cables

Introduction to HPE 40G Optics

Recently the increasing network infrastructures are upgrading to 40GbE to ensure better performance, which greatly promote the popularity of 40G optical devices, especially the 40G optical transceivers and 40G QSFP+ cables. 40G optics, featured by its unique specification, are designed to meet different connectivity applications in data center. Telecom vendors like HPE, Cisco, Juniper, Arista are offering all types of…

Blue colored sheathed fiber optic cord having a connector at one end

Fiber Optic Pigtail Selection Guide

With the network cabling environment becoming more and more complex, there is a growing need to terminate fiber optic cables in an efficient and faster manner. Apart from fiber connectors, fiber optic pigtails also can offer a quick way to achieve this goal. Today, this post will introduce the basics and common types of fiber optic pigtail for your reference…

cross section of fiber optic cables

Do You Have Any Idea of Water-Resistant Fiber Optic Cable?

There is no doubt that fiber optic cables play an integral role in the telecommunication industry. Applications like data centers, local area networks, telecommunication networks, industrial Ethernet, and wireless network are all needing fiber optics to ensure smooth connectivity. Each application requires a specific cable design based on performance requirements, environmental conditions, and installation type. The common fiber optic cables…

armored double sheathed loose tube cable

Understanding Industrial Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic cabling usually utilizes ruggedized jackets to ensure optimal performance in the face of extreme temperatures; exposure to UV/sunlight, oil, and solvents; and crushing impact, which makes it the ideal solution in any industrial environment where high-speed, high-bandwidth data solutions are needed. It can be used for campus and in-building data backbones to anchor an operation’s Ethernet, and also…

A board displaying the name of Prysmian Group placed in front of its Slatina Romania plant

Prysmian Enhanced Optical Fiber Production Capacity

Responding to need of the fiber optic market and the current shortage of optical fibers, Prysmian has announced the expansion of their optical fiber manufacturing facilities in Italy. Prysmian Group, in a recent media release note, announced the relaunching of optical fiber production in Italy and the group’s intention to stay at the top of global leadership in terms of…

An RJ45 cable with a connector at its end

Do You Know About Cat 8 Cable?

Here is what we need to know about the basics of Cat 8 cabling.