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Huawei to Build 5G Oriented Cloud Core Network for Turkcell

Huawei will help Turkey’s largest carrier Turkcell to build a 5G-oriented all-cloud core network. The announcement came from Turkcell states that it will join forces with Huawei for a project that will launch the largest Cloud EPC Network globally. Huawei in a press release said that Turkcell’s All-Cloud-Core Network would be the first Core Network with key technologies for 5G…

Chorus Conducts WPON Trials

Chorus Conducts trials for delivering high-speed Broadband using WPON technology. New Zealand’s telecommunication service provider, Chorus has announced that it has successfully conducted trials on a wireless solution that would deliver gigabit speeds without the need for fibre from the street into a customer’s premise. The new technology if found economical and cost-effective, would benefit millions of end-users especially in…

An illuminated background with letters 5G written on it

BSNL Embarks on 5G Voyage

India’s incumbent telecommunications service provider BSNL has started its 5G journey when it signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ciena. Ciena’s 5G Network Solutions add scale and network automation to support a new age of mobile connectivity to BSNL subscribers in India. BSNL in line with the recent strategic telecom plan from India’s Department of Telecommunications and to support…

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Ericsson Launches Solutions for Cellular IoT

Leading ICT solutions provider, Ericsson today announced its plans and Outlined the evolution of cellular IoT in four segments leveraging new capabilities with 4G and 5G to tap growth opportunities from industry digitalization. Ericsson introduced Broadband IoT and Industrial Automation IoT as new segments in addition to Massive IoT and Critical IoT. Ericsson also launched solutions for IoT enhancements and…

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The Interpretation of 5G Related Terms

Since the end of last year, the heat of the word “5G” has remained high. As a cutting-edge communications technology, 5G has many terms. Due to the oversimplification and nastiness of the names of standards, specifications, and technologies adopted by various institutions and the complexity of 5G technology itself, there are many similar and confusing phenomena in these terms. This…

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What Does 5G Mean for Optical Communication Industry: Opportunities or Challenges?

With the wave of digital transformation, communication technology has become an important driving force for the transformation and upgrading of all walks of life in the national economy. After that 5G is the future of the communication industry. However, what does 5G mean for optical communication industry: opportunities or challenges? Undoubtedly, 5G surely promotes the development of the optical industry….