Telefonica Selects Tutela’s Crowdsourced Data

Telefónica, has reached to a new agreement with the Canadian Crowdsourced mobile data company to use crowdsourced data as Telefonica’ global standard for mobile network customer experience testing and benchmarking.

This global standard would be applicable to the O2, which is Telefonica’s UK division, Vivo, which is the Brazilian Divison and Movistar, which is the operating division in Spain and Hispanic American countries. This unique selection would provide Telefonica a uniform and unified solution across its global operations.

Tutela is one of the largest mobile network data companies that collects over 30 billion crowdsourced network performance measurements from more than 250 million devices around the world everyday. The agreement with Tutela will enable Telefónica to monitor, measure and optimize the mobile experience of its customers globally in real time.

This new agreement will enable Telefónica and its global operating businesses to make use of Tutela’s crowdsourced data and tools in each of its 17 active markets, and will enable the organization to measure key mobile network performance indicators continuously, including signal strength and quality, download speed patterns, and device performance in order to make ongoing customer experience improvements.

Crowdsourced mobile data analysis is useful to the service providers who stive to improve the mobile experience of their customers. Telefonica can use Tutela’s data and tools as part of its Customer Experience Strategy and can ensure that its customers enjoy the best experience on its networks.

Tutela’s global crowdsourced dataset will allow Telefonica to evaluate main KPIs related to Customer Satisfaction as a function of different factors like the device, kind of connection, technology or location, in order to continue improving Telefonica Network Customer Satisfaction.

Tutela tests mobile networks in a way that accurately represents the day-to-day usage and experience of real-world mobile users. The methodology and configuration simulate typical user behaviour, such as accessing websites or downloading and sending images, rather than testing for maximum potential speeds under optimum test conditions.

Tutela Technologies, Ltd., is a Canadian crowdsourced mobile data company with offices in Victoria, British Columbia and London, England. Its location-based mobile insights help the telecoms and mobile industry improve network coverage, Quality of Service, and related investment decisions.

Telefonica’s Movistar brands are operating in the following countries;

Argentina (formerly Telefónica Unifón and Movicom BellSouth)

Chile (formerly Telefónica Móvil and BellSouth)

Colombia (formerly BellSouth, Cocelco, CeluMovil)

Costa Rica (formerly Telefónica de Costa Rica, S.A.)

Ecuador (formerly CelularPower, BellSouth)

El Salvador (Formerly Telefónica Móviles or Telefónica MoviStar)

Guatemala (formerly Telefónica MoviStar and BellSouth)

Mexico (formerly Cedetel, Bajacel, Movitel, Norcel and Pegaso)

Nicaragua (formerly BellSouth)

Panama (formerly BellSouth)

Peru (formerly Telefónica Móviles and BellSouth)

Spain (formerly Telefónica MoviStar)

Uruguay (formerly Movicom)

Venezuela (formerly Telcel and Telcel BellSouth)

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