Ciena Provides Coherent Optical Platform and MCP Software to Rakuten


The e-commerce giant Rakuten, which received the license to provide mobile services in Japan deploys Ciena’s Coherent Optical Platform and network management softwares. Rakuten is entering to a highly competitive Japanese telcommunicaiton business sector, whih is considered to be one of the matured markets.

Rakuten as an emerging mobile provider in Japan has secured licenses for providing telecommunication services. Japanese subscribers are eagerly waiting for the provider to start its commercial operations. Rakuten is now building a mobile network from the ground up.

Rakuten aims to create an adaptive network that can scale and adjust on the fly to support mobile broadband services today and in the future.

Japanese telecommunication sector has been dominated by the incumbent provider NTT, which owns an extensive network of fiber optic network all over the country. Almost all other providers use NTT’s network to offer services to their subscribers. KDDI and Softbank are the next big players in the market in the fixed as well as mobile telecom sectors. Japanese Telecom market is one of the most vibrant and dynamic with many internet and CATV service providers apart from the major telecom giants. Rakuten’s entry will heat the market and people expect more competitive pricing and better quality services.

Ciena partners with Oki (Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd) in Japan to supply its 6500 Platform powered by WaveLogic Ai programmable 400Gbps coherent optics to Rakuten. 6500 Platform can deliver high-speed connectivity across Japan.

Rakuten can also benefit from Ciena’s Blue Planet® Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) software that provides enhanced fault and performance management through end-to-end SDN-based network control.

OKI Electric Industry has a long history of 130 years and experience as manufacturer in Japan. It is one of Japan’s leading telecommunications component manufacturers. OKI provides top-quality products, technologies, and solutions to customers through its info-telecom systems and printer operations. Its various business divisions function synergistically to bring to market exciting new products and technologies that meet a wide range of customer needs in various sectors.

Ciena’s 6500 family of Packet-Optical Platforms is designed to address unpredictable traffic patterns. It handles intelligently delivery demands with flexibility, resiliency, and openness required for a more adaptive network. The 6500 integrates packet, OTN, and flexible WaveLogic Photonics capabilities across multiple chassis form factors to enable a programmable infrastructure that can scale and respond on demand to changing customer requirements.

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