What Is DWDM?

Internet demand is always growing, especially the hugely popular video streaming services are increasing greatly. This provides a threat to the service provider. As the hottest topic in the telecommunication industry, DWDM offers unprecedented bandwidth which promises an effective solution to the challenges posed by the Internet growth. But what is DWDM, do you really know? What Is DWDM? DWDM wiki…

WDM-wavelength division multiplexing

How Much Do You Know about Multiplexing Technology in Optical Transmission Network?

In optical transmission network, multiplexing technology is considered as an effective means to expand the transmission capacity of existing optical fiber networks. It can increase the transmission capacity of optic fiber in the most cost saving way, so as to quickly meet the increasing demand for high bandwidth. Now, some multiplexing technologies have been widely used and mature in optical…


Introduction to Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA)

Optical amplifier, with the introduction in the 1990s, conquered the regenerator technology and opened doors to the WDM technology. It is mainly used to amplify an optical signal directly, without the need to first convert it to an electrical signal. There are many types of optical amplifiers, namely Raman amplifiers, erbium doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs), and semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA)….


Four Basic Elements in a WDM System

We know that fiber can carry more data over long distances than any other physical medium. That makes fiber a very precious material. And how to make the most use of your fiber plant becomes a question. So there comes Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM). Why Should We Deploy WDM? WDM can multiply your fiber capacity by creating virtual fibers. The…