What Are the Differences Between QSFP28 and CFP Optics?

With the upgrade of the optical network from 10G to 100G, the development trend of 10G-25G-100G/10G-25G-50G-100G starts to prevail in the optical market. In the development process of 100G optical transceivers, their form factor type and standard are developed according to the cost and power consumption, which are regarded as the main drive in the development of the interconnect market….

QSFP28 100G Transceivers & DAC Guide

Telecom industry embraces the prosperity of 100G optics market in 2017. With such a bright future, fiber optic market attracts wide attention, and many vendors want a piece of the pie. The 100G optics like the CFP, QSFP28 modules and cables are varied in different standards. QSFP28 100G, along with its compact size and reliable performances, gradually becomes the mainstream…