Minister Inaugurates Fiber Optic Stations in Lebanon

Lebanese Telecom Minister Boutros Harb said his government intends to deploy fiber optic networks throughout the country while inaugurating two fiber optic stations in Rabieh and Serhal hospital. He told his ministry is taking the necessary steps to spread this new service to Beirut and other regions soon.

Lebanon Announces Five Year Growth Plan

Lebanese Telecommunication Minister said that the ministry plans to launch 4G services by the end of 2016 but aims to cover all of Lebanon by September 2016. The ministry is also planning to launch fiber optic services as well. For Fiber optic broadband services, the deployment will start with large corporations, until such services reach every town in Lebanon. The Minister had announced in 2015 that fiber optic networks would be installed in Lebanon progressively over the next five years until the country would be totally connected through this technology.

Lebanon Revamp Networks to Increase Internet Speeds

On July 1st, Lebanese Minister for Telecommunications Mr Boutros Harb will launch a five year national telecommunications strategy that is aimed to energize the performance of the sector in Lebanon. The Minister told that it will take five years to complete the strategy but people in Lebanon will see a positive difference in the performance of the telecom sector within…