Asian Countries Lead the FTTH-FTTB Global Ranking

Asian countries lead the FTTH/B Global Ranking chart published by the Market Analysis Group, IDATE. IDATE on March 14 presented it’s recently updated the global ranking list of countries that have the optical fibers connected to the home (FTTH) or to the building (FTTB). IDATE publishes its findings for FTTH Council Europe and this year during the 16th FTTH Conference…

FTTH Council Asia-Pacific Selects Venue for 2019

Wuhan, the “Optical Valley” of China will host 14th FTTH Council Asia-Pacific Conference. The Council, through an email newsletter had distributed the details to the registered users. The event will be held for three days starting on Monday, the 15 April, 2019 and ending on Wednesday, the 17 April 2019.