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Light Source Communications Plans to Build New Fiber Route

US-based dark optical fiber network provider, Light Source Communications will build a new intercity dark optical fiber route in Georgia. The project is scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2017. The new fiber optic route, which is designed to have a length of around 320 kilometers will connect Atlanta and Augusta and pass through Athens. The network construction…

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PLDT Reveals Expansion of Networks in Mindanao

Philippine’s national telecom operator, PLDT Inc. revealed its plan to invest in three ICT projects in Mindanao province that essentially involves expansion of fiber optic networks to increase capacity. The planned expansion will enable the operator to offer better services to its business and residential subscribers in the area. All three projects will link Davao city with the rest of…

Dark Fiber - Is It the Dark Side or the Right Side? 1

Dark Fiber – Is It the Dark Side or the Right Side?

As the optical technology grows more sophisticated and expands into high bandwidth optical backbone connectivity, enterprises are now turning to the private and secure dark fiber network.

Whether to Go for Aerial or Underground Deployment 3

Whether to Go for Aerial or Underground Deployment

There are two main types of land-based network fiber optic installation—aerial and underground. This article will talk about these two cable installations in detail.

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EU Regulators Encourage Co-investment in Fiber Networks

The current set of fifteen-year-old telecommunication laws would be reviewed by experts in 2016 September. European Commission wants to revise laws so that rivals would be forced to co-invest and hence the networks would be open.

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ECFiber Expands Fiber Optic Networks

Vermont’s ECFiber (East Central Vermont Community Fiber-Optic Network) extends its fiber optic networks in the towns of Chelsea and Tunbridge passing about 80 potential subscribers on parts of East Randolph Road, Brook Road, Nicholette Road, Hook Road, Burbank Crossroad, Chelsea Line Road, Dickerman Hill Road, and Whitney Hill Road. ECFiber has shown steady growth in its fiber optic deployment. The current expansion includes deployment of more than 12 kilometers of fiber optic line.