Jaguar to Expand Fiber Optic Network in Mankato

Mankato’s high speed, fiber optic network will get a major boost, while also bringing a new competitor to the city’s private-sector broadband market under an agreement between the city, Blue Earth County and Owatonna-based Jaguar Communications. Jaguar Communications, Inc. was founded in 1999 by a group of seven forward-minded people with the intent to provide advanced telecommunications services to a six-county area…

Vodacom to Install Its Own Fiber Optic Network

Vodacom announced its intention to deploy fiber optic cables by itself and for its own use in Mozambique. This is against the policies that are being initiated by the telecommunication regulatory authority in Mozambique, which asks the competitors to share their network so that investment in telecom infrastructure could be effectively utilized. However the South African mobile phone company Vodacom operating in Mozambique has rejected the recommendations from the Mozambican regulatory body, the INCM (National Communications institute of Mozambique) that basic infrastructure should be shared between telecommunications operators, and instead it is pushing ahead with its own network of fiber-optic cables.