Governor Jim Justice explains facebook fiber optic project

Facebook to Build Fiber Network in West Virginia

Facebook plans to build fiber optic network connecting Ashburn in Virginia and Columbus in Ohio. The fiber network will span more than 440 kilometers on its way connecting the neighborhoods and businesses. The announcement came at a function where the Governor Jim Justice and Senator Shelley Moore Capito joined representatives from Facebook. The representatives from Facebook explained their plans to…

photo of Kevin Lo

Kevin Lo Joins Facebook

Indicating a clear strategy to gear up its fiber optic network deployment, the social media giant Facebook has hired one of the co-founders of Google Fiber, Kevin Lo. He joined as the director of Infrastructure Connectivity and Investments to help lead Facebook’s partnerships such as Terragraph, a project to bring Wi-Fi to dense urban areas and Facebook’s partnership with Microsoft to build a fiber optic cable.

Map showing Europe, North America and South America with lines indicating the routes of Bursa and Marea submarine fiber optic cable through the Atlantic ocean

Facebook and Microsoft Invest in Marena Fiber Cable System

Atlantic Ocean will get one more submarine fiber optic cable that will connect Spain at the European side and the Virginia state of the United States at the North American continent side. The submarine fiber cable project called Marea is built by giant web companies, Facebook and Microsoft in partnership with Telefonica. They have teamed up to build a new fiber optic cable under the Atlantic Ocean to have more control over their data transmission.