Town of Charlemont Massachusetts

Charlemont Town Opts for Own Fiber Network, Rejects Comcast Offer

The residents of Charlemont town have voted for own fiber-optic network, rejecting an offer from Comcast to build, own and transfer a fiber network. Fifty-six percent of the residents voted in favor of the town building its own network rather than depending on Comcast. The offer from Comcast to the town authorities was to bring high-speed internet to up to 96 percent of households in Charlemont.

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Comcast Brings Fiber Optic Networks to Chattanooga

Comcast brings high-speed services through its fiber optic networks to Chattanooga, the State of Tennessee in the United States. It becomes news of interest because it was seven years ago the cable service provider Comcast went to court to stop fiber optic network construction started by EPB (Electric Power Board). Now it is Comcast’s turn to build fiber optic networks…