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Testing of Fiber Optic Connection

Different fibers and different connectors fiber adapter panels to choose.such as Fiber Adapter Panels and Customized Rack-Mount Fiber Patch Panels. Currently, MTP/MPO cabling system helps ease the migration to 40 / 100G networks.  The next step we will have to do is to see if the specific fiber link we are using is working properly. To finish the test, two techniques…


Patch Panel Installation Guide

It’s well known that network technology is changing, but the critical aspect can’t be changed or replaced—patch panel cable management. If the key component is missing, the data transmission will be interrupted and fail to arrive at the destination. Patch panels, as the nerve center of a network system, can ensure the signal to work in an ordered and friendly way….


Introduction to Horizontal and Vertical Cable Manager

For many IT managers or datacenter professionals, one of the most difficult tasks is to keep cables in proper order. Imagine that you walk into a server room to troubleshoot cables because of the bad cable management, you see the cables here, cables there, and cables everywhere. Can you walk through this kind of datacenter without crying? Now that you…


Which Cabling Solution is Better for Your Data Center

Although cabling only represents less than 10 percent of the overall data center network investment, it outlives most network elements and treated as the most difficult and potentially costly component. With the data center cabling ranging from 1G to 10G, 10G to 40G and even to 100G, more complex cabling is required to ensure a good service or scalability for…


Seven Tips for the Cable Installation

Cable installation can be a finicky thing. People without appropriate knowledge and training cannot be employed for the installation of the cables, since they may end up with work that causes network failure. End users might have the experience of running telephone cables so that they want to take the risk of wiring network cables. In fact, telephone cables can…