Telstra Starts to Upgrade Submarine Communication Capacity

Australian telecommunication service provider, Telstra started a project to upgrade its existing submarine cable capacity using Infinera’s fourth generation ICE4 optical engine. This is a major upgrade to the operator’s network services in the Asia-Pacific region. Infinera solutions will add more capacity to the optical fibers.

Telstra said that the capacity improvement is a significant change in services offered to the customers in the Asia-Pacific, which is achieved by using Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine 4 (ICE4). The ICE4 subsea solution enables the Australian provider to rapidly activate new capacity for customers, delivering multi-terabit capacity with low power consumption and high reliability.

Infinera ICE4 Optical engine

Infinera’s optical engine improves the existing fibre capacity by 160 percent and port density by 140 percent. In addition, it helps to decrease power consumption, which means multiple benefits by using the ICE4 optical engine. The new solution helps Telstra to offer improved services to its current customers and attract new customers looking for fibre-based services.

Telstra as one of the largest global providers of 100Gbps network services can utilize the features of Infinera’s ICE4 technology to support its customers’ future connectivity demands, activating capacity per wavelength of up to 200 Gb/s. There is a substantial increase in the demand for data services across the Asia-Pacific region. A week ago, Telstra had announced a subsea restoration service in partnership with Ericsson and Ciena. The service aims to reduce downtime caused by failures in submarine infrastructure.

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Infinera’s ICE4 optical engine is one of the latest technologies that Telstra uses across their network. This will enable the provider for a faster service, which is critical in the region. The demand for capacity over the past two years has doubled on Telstra’s networks.

Telstra owns the largest subsea cable network in the Asia Pacific with more than 400,000 kilometers. Infinera’s preliminary tests on the Telstra network has yielded good results. The network upgrade will be completed in the coming months.


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