Qtel Unveils Fiber Connection to TGN

The Economic Times reports that Qatar’s telecom operator Qtel has unveiled a new fiber optic cable connection to India’s Tata Global Network (TGN). The high-capacity submarine fiber optic cable in Sumaismah, north of Doha, Qatar was deployed by the well-known undersea communications technology provider TE SubCom, wrote the Economic Times.

As per the report, when the new link is fully functional by the end of the year, it will instantaneously route traffic from Qtel customers to Mumbai and onward to the rest of the world via the Tata Global Network. Qtel is planning to deliver broadband ICT service to customers in Qatar.

The voice and data services are growing rapidly in Qatar. The telecom operator is hoping that the successful deployment of the TGN-Gulf cable will assist the Qatar service provider to handle the ever-growing voice and data communications requirements of the country.

Qtel CEO Nasser Marafih said, “This is another important milestone in the evolution of our global network of international connections. By working with global partners such as Tata Communications, we are ensuring that resilience and diversity are built into our long-term plan for growth, which will, in turn, support the wider economic and social development of Qatar

This new connection will be supported by the superior technology of Qtel’s purpose-built landing station,” noted Marafih

As per the report, Nawras, which is part of the Qtel Group, Bahrain Internet Exchange (Bahrain), Mobily (Saudi Arabia) and Etisalat ( UAE) are other players in the TGN-Gulf project.

Tata Communications managing director for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Radwan Moussalli said “This new cable connection will bring Qatar an important global, high-speed route for data and voice communication, adding even more capability and resilience to the Qatar network infrastructure”.

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