Qtel Unveils Fiber Connection to TGN

The Economic Times reports that Qatar’s telecom operator Qtel has unveiled a new fiber optic cable connection to India’s Tata Global Network (TGN). The high-capacity submarine fiber optic cable in Sumaismah, north of Doha, Qatar was deployed by the well-known undersea communications technology provider TE SubCom, wrote the Economic Times. As per the report, when the new link is fully…

Pacific Fibre Signs Agreement with REANNZ

Pacific fibre, which is building submarine fiber optic cable network to connect Australia and the United States through New Zealand, has signed an agreement to add REANNZ as its first customer. REANNZ stands for Research and Education Advanced Network New Zealand.

Glo 1 Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Lands in Ghana

Glo 1, a high capacity undersea fiber-optic cable, has today connected Ghana to West Africa and Europe. The 9,800km long submarine cable network, the first project of its kind to be executed entirely by a single organization, berthed on the beaches of Osu, in Accra.

African Development Bank will Fund West African Undersea Fiber Optic Cable System

The African Development Bank Group will give US dollar 66 million to Main One cable company to develop the submarine fiber optic cable link along the west African coast. The total fiber optic project cost is estimated to be US dollar 240 million.