The US Raises Security Concerns Over East Micronesia Cable Project

A new submarine fiber optic cable project to connect Nauru, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and Kiribati has become a matter of political controversy over security concerns, reports Reuters. The United States has raised security concerns over the East Micronesia Cable Project. The project is designed to improve communications to the Pacific island nations.

FiberHome Enters Submarine Communication Engineering

China-based fiber optic cable and components manufacturer, FiberHome and Jiangsu Huaxicun Ocean Engineering Service will collaborate for establishing a new company for the construction and maintenance of submarine fiber optic cables and handling undersea cabling projects. Officials from both companies signed an agreement to establish Fenghua Ocean Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.

Sub.Co and APX Partners Upgrade Indigo Submarine Cable System

Ciena’s Wavelogic 5 Extreme will upgrade the Indigo Submarine cable system.

In response to the growing trend of remote working and increasing demand for bandwidth, SUB.CO and its Australian entity APX Partners are teaming up with Ciena to upgrade its Indigo submarine cable, which connects Perth and Sydney, Australia, and Singapore. The shift to more remote work, school, and life, in general, requires reliable, low latency, and high-performance connectivity.

Vodafone New Zealand Upgrades Submarine Capacity

A six-month project to upgrade Vodafone New Zealand’s entire international optical network is complete, enabling a dedicated, resilient, and diverse set of internet pathways upon which international data can be transferred at millisecond speed. This means Vodafone New Zealand  (Vodafone NZ) is now the only operator in New Zealand offering exclusive-use optical capacity across all three international fiber-optic cables –…