OPT Bags Order for Fiber Optic Mooring Products from Navy


The Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) has bagged an order worth US$125,00 from the US Navy for the supply of fiber optic mooring products. OPT will develop a new fiber optic mooring system that will catch data from sensors deployed deep in the sea and provide to the vessels, satellites, and aircraft.

Phase I of the contract between the US Navy and OPT is valued at the US $1.25,000 and includes three options worth an aggregate value of $100,000.

The US Navy has been looking for innovative solutions to improve and modernize its communications and ocean data sensing technologies. OPT will design to address the Navy’s requirements for reliable and low-cost ‘optical-mechanical mooring cables’ and the contract work will be delivered under OPT’s Innovation & Support Services line.

Power Mooring Buoy by Ocean Power Technologies

The company noted that the fiber optic-based buoy mooring concepts being developed under the US Navy contract is likely to be incorporated into its PowerBuoy and Subsea Battery Module product lines.

Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) is a US-owned renewable energy company. OPT provides power generation devices, services and related equipment for the extraction of energy from ocean waves.

OPT’s PowerBuoy technology is scalable to hundreds of megawatts. The energy generated from Wave Power is supplied to the power grid through submarine power cables. Apart from the US, OPT as secured projects from overseas customers as well.

OPT has a division operating in Oceania region known as the Ocean Power Technologies Australasia Pty Ltd, OPTA. This division is an Australian-owned subsidiary of Ocean Power Technologies Inc (OPT), and is currently engaged in wave power projects in Australia. OPT’s UK division is known as Ocean Power Technologies Limited, which is the UK-based wholly owned subsidiary.

OPT’s Product portfolio includes;
– Devices for the Grid-connected utility market (Mark 3 PowerBuoy, which is a power station for generating electrical energy from wave power. It is a point absorber or buoy, currently in-use or in-planning at 9 locations around the world, but primarily within Australia and the United States).

– Devices for the Autonomous market requiring lower levels of power for deep-ocean applications such as maritime security and homeland defense, offshore oil and gas operations, aquaculture and oceanographic data sampling. The company’s PowerBuoy in ratings of 2 kilowatts to 40 kilowatts is ideal for these applications, including the LEAP autonomous PowerBuoy sold to the US Navy.

– Infrastructure products and services – cable installations, grid interconnection, permitting and site development, including the company’s Undersea Substation Pod product, available to all companies in the marine energy sector.
– Undersea Substation Pod – Device for aggregating diverse power generation devices and supplying an interface with onshore power distribution.

Ocean Power Technologies CEO George Kirby said: “We’re very excited for this Phase I award by the US Navy to develop a fiber optic mooring line which may be used for both defense and commercial applications. We believe that this new contract award further validates our technical expertise and experience with ocean energy systems and could also lead to additional future contract awards where we might utilize OPT technologies which are already in advanced stages of development.”

OPT expects to participate in phase II of the bidding process.

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