Telstra Starts Submarine Cable Infrastructure Restoration Service

Australian telecommunication service provider, Telstra announces a rapid restoration service for its submarine cable systems, together with its partners Ericsson and Ciena. The new restoration service will ensure continuous connectivity on its busiest subsea route connecting Australia with Asian countries.

The new Restoration service comes from the vast and diversified experience in the provider’s submarine cable network in combination with the flexible programmable infrastructure technology utilizing Ciena’s GeoMesh Extreme solution. Ericsson offers the engineering solutions required for quick restoration of the submarine cable system.

Telstra Corporation Limited (Telstra) is Australia’s largest telecommunications company. Telstra builds and operates telecommunications networks for its voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other products and services. History of Telstra begins with Australia Post as the Postmaster-General’s Department. Submarine cables are the backbone of global connectivity (Read more).

The maintenance of submarine cable infrastructure has prime importance since it transport critical signals across the continents. Subsea cables are vulnerable to damages caused by sea creatures and also by the ships. Repairing is often a hurdle and typically takes days or weeks depending on the nature of the damage. Reduction in restoration work is the key to customer satisfaction. Telstra currently restores the damaged cables within eight hours.

The new service aims to reduce that time from hours to minutes, which is a significant reduction to current restoration service arrangements in Asia. Telstra had conducted trials on restoration before starting the services. The current announcement is based on those successful trials conducted in December 2018. The new service is now available on three of Telstra’s intra-Asia routes. The Asian region presents one of the most challenging environments for subsea cable systems.

Telstra identifies the following threats that cause damage to its submarine cable Infrastructure;

-Busy sea-route with a lot of ships
– Shallow Ship-ports in Hong Kong and Singapore
– High Levels of fishing activity
– An underwater ecosystem prone to natural disasters

The restoration work can be achieved without manual intervention by using the services offered by Ericsson, and Ciena. The technology solution provides increased visualization over the Telstra network, boosting resiliency, and providing the flexibility and agility to give customers fast, reliable data access.

The technology utilizes flexible, instrumented photonics and advanced software control The continuous connection service is expected to benefit a broad range of customers, including financial services organizations, carriers and cloud services providers, saving time, money and improving the experience they provide to its end users.

Telstra together with Ericsson and Ciena announced the new service ahead of this week’s Pacific Telecommunications Council Conference in Hawaii.


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