Seabras-1 and AEConnect Join to Provide Connectivity Between Europe and South America


A new route of submarine fiber cable will be created by the collaboration of two submarine cable operators Seaborn Networks and Aqua Comms. The US-based Seaborn Network’s Seabras-1 Connecting Sao Paulo in Brazil and the New Jersey in the United States will interconnect with Aqua Comms’ AEConnect submarine system that connects New York, Dublin, and London. The interconnection at New Jersey will provide connectivity between Latin America and Western Europe.

The two companies announced their strategic alliance in September end to provide a new, next-generation subsea route between South America and Europe. The offering is available exclusively through Seaborn and Aqua Comms. Seabras-1 provides the fastest route between the New York-New Jersey metro area and São Paulo. Aqua Comms’ AEConnect provides the newest and most direct route between New York and London via Dublin. The two submarine cable systems will interconnect in Secaucus, New Jersey, in the location of Seaborn’s primary network operations center. Both Seaborn and Aqua Comms offer geographically diverse backhaul and a variety of Points of Presence (PoP) locations in the metropolitan areas relating to their landing locations.

Seaborn Networks is a leading developer-owner-operator of independent submarine fiber optic cable systems, including Seabras-1 between New York and São Paulo, and ARBR between São Paulo and Buenos Aires (projected ready-for-service Q4 2018). Seaborn was founded by successful submarine cable executives with experience in designing, building, financing and operating many of the world’s largest submarine and terrestrial networks.

Aqua Comms DAC is the owner and operator of the transatlantic cable AEConnect and the Irish Sea cable CeltixConnect, and was established with a vision to build, acquire or merge with subsea fiber-optic cable networks to provide capacity networking solutions to the global media, content providers and IT companies.

Seabras-1 is a 6 fiber cable designed to carry 72Tbps in total and is the first transoceanic system between Brazil and the U.S. developed and operated by an independent cable operator. It is also the first transoceanic system to directly connect the commercial and financial centers of North America and South America. The system was fully funded and had a scheduled ready-for-service date of August 2017.

Customers will have the ability to contract through either Seaborn or Aqua Comms to receive the full benefit of this combined South America to Europe route. This strategic alliance offers a number of benefits to customers, including:

-consolidated capacity contracts and billing with industry-leading SLAs;
-the newest network architecture with 100Gbps coherent technology on an end-to-end solution;
-Seaborn’s proprietary ultra-low latency solutions for financial institutions;
-a direct relationship with the operators who built and operate the submarine cable infrastructure and backhaul routes for their respective systems, providing a higher quality of service and improved information access;
-a route to and from South America that avoids the hurricane-prone areas of Florida, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.

Aqua Comms and Seaborn share heritage and a common ethos for efficiently providing innovative, flexible and reliable connectivity solutions to the Atlantic telecommunications market. Both companies specialize in developing, constructing and operating modern, sophisticated submarine cable systems, and partnering will help us provide customers with the benefits of both conjoined networks.

The strategic alliance between Seaborn and Aqua Comms also relates to future systems and branches that either of the parties may subsequently build and operate, thereby offering maximum flexibility to the respective customers of each operator.

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