Quintillion Networks Starts Drilling the Coast of Nome

Quintillion Networks has started drilling at Nome’s coast to make pathway for deploying optical fiber cables that will bring high speed broadband to around 3,000 homes in Nome. The installation crew has started their work and the local media reports that the summer will be utilized properly to deploy networks in the coast.

Quintillion Networks has promised to bring high speed internet to western Alaska by 2017. Quintillion has been working onshore since March this year to lay fiber optic cable. Quintillion Networks officials informed that the offshore portion of the project will be finished sooner than expected.

Quintillion will begin work laying subsea fiber optic cable off Nome’s coast the first week of July. The work will start a little bit early in Nome than what they had thought because they have a vessel available and suitable weather and environmental conditions. The company officials said that they also have some great open water. The onshore cable will connect to the subsea cable just a few miles east of downtown Nome. Quiltillion chose that portion of the shoreline since it was free of gold dredging leases.

Anchorage-based Quintillion Networks was allocated by the Arctic Fibre Inc.to provide broadband telecommunications services to more than 26,500 Alaska residents living along the Alaskan North Slope and Bering Sea coastline, and to provide a geographically diverse alternate fibre route for traffic from the United States to Europe and Asia. This provision of virtually unlimited bandwidth will enable government to reduce the cost of providing services to citizens and enable consumers to access faster Internet speeds now available in most urban communities in Alaska.

Arctic Fibre was established in 2009 to explore deploying a fiber optic telecommunications system through the Canadian Arctic. Arctic Fibre plans to construct a 15,167 km (9,424 mile) sub-sea fiber optic cable extending from Tokyo, Japan to London, England via the Bering Strait, Beaufort Sea and Canadian Arctic with a planned in-service date of November 2014.

The Arctic Fibre backbone is a sub-sea fiber optic network being laid through the Northwest Passage between London and Tokyo by Bermuda-based Arctic Fibre Limited. The Arctic Fibre backbone passes within 14 km of Point Hope and will be connected to the beach on the south side of the community by a spur buried 2-3 meters deep. This will eliminate the possibility of any damage to the cable by ice scour.

Alaska-based Quintillion Networks is the exclusive carrier-neutral partner of Arctic Fibre and is managing the development of all Alaska connectivity to the Arctic Fibre backbone. As a “middle mile” provider, Quintillion is available to all “last mile” providers in each community to deliver high-speed broadband service to their customers.

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