NEC to Deploy Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Between Kagoshima and Okinawa


NEC will design, engineer, supply, deploy, test and commission a new submarine fiber optic cable system from Kagoshima to Okinawa. The end-user is Okinawa Celluar Telephone Company owned by au that offers mobile phone, domestic and international telecommunications, and internet services. The new submarine fiber optic cable system is designed to have a maximum transmission capacity is 80 Terabits per second..

Okinawa Cellular Telephone company was founded on 1991 and is headquartered in Naha, Japan. The new submarine fiber optic linke will provide better connectivity between the islands and with the mainland in Japan. Both Kagoshima and Okinawa are prefectures in the southern Japan.

NEC will provide the optical submarine cable system as a turnkey solution. Submarine fiber optic cables will be produced at NEC’s cable manufacturing facility, which is known as OCC, in Japan. This cable system is scheduled to start operation in April 2020.

This cable system will connect the Nago City in Okinawa Prefecture and the Hioki City in Kagoshima Prefecture. The total length of the submarine fiber optic cable route is estimated at approximately 760 kilometers. The submarine cable will be laid at a maximum depth of approximately 1,200 m. The cable system employs the latest optical wavelength multiplex transmission (DWDM) method,

Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company intends to create an alternative undersea telecommunicatin link in order to establish redundancy to its existing links. This cable can secure a backup line in the event of a large-scale disaster or other emergency by connecting the cable between Okinawa and Kagoshima via a different route from the existing cable..

The new cable system will correspond to the demand for communications between the Okinawa, Kyushu and Honshu regions of Japan, which is expected to continue growing in the future due to the construction of data centers in Okinawa and the launch of 5G services.

NEC has been a leading supplier of submarine cable systems for more than 50 years. It has built more than 300,000 km of cable, spanning the earth 7.5 times, and has strengths especially in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan. NEC, as a system integrator, provides all aspects of submarine cable operations, including the production of optical transmission terminal stations, optical submarine repeaters, optical submarine cables, ocean surveys and route designs, installation of equipment and cable installation, and training and delivery testing.

Since 2001, NEC has installed more than 141,000 kilometers of submarine cables all around the world either as full turnkey project or as partner to other companies. NEC is currenly engaged in deployment of approximately 66,779 kilometers of submarine cables out of which 44,779 kilometers is fully by itself. Apart from Submarine and Terrestrial turnkey projects, NEC has significantly made its presence in the deployment of Ocean Bottom Sensor Systems.

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