Hexatronic Bags Orders for Submarine Fiber Optic Cables

Leading European fiber optic product supplier Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hexatronic Group AB, has signed agreements to supply fiber optic submarine cable. The total order value amounts to approximately USD6 million, which is from existing customers in Europe and North America.

Hexatronic plans to deliver these submarine fiber optic cables during 2022. Hexatronic offers system solutions in submarine cables as well as in the complete fiber optic infrastructure, from development and production to delivery.
The CEO of Hexatronic Henrik Larsson Lyon told that the company has bagged orders for submarine fiber optic cables worth USD13.9 million in December itself. Hexatronic considers this as a strong recognition for their submarine cable products.

Hexatronic Group AB (publ) is a group that develops, markets, and delivers products, components, and system solutions with the main focus on the fiber optic market. Hexatronic offers a wide range of innovative system and product solutions mainly for passive fiber optic infrastructure with global trademarks like Matrix, Viper, Stingray, Raptor, InOne, Drytech™, Lightmate®, Skyline, and Wistom®. The Group has its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, and has sales offices and/or subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Finland, United Kingdom, Italy, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, China, New Zealand, the US, and Canada. The Group is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm under the ticker HTRO.

Originating from the former Ericsson cable operations, Hexatronic has extensive experience in submarine cable manufacturing and installation. With renowned Swedish quality and competence, the company knows how to design, manufacture, and deliver submarine cable systems designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

Modern telecommunications networks consist of subsea and terrestrial systems providing end to end connectivity between Data Centres and Points of Presence. Hexatronic has the unique ability to supply not only the submarine cable but also the land cable, infrastructure, and installation techniques to support complex terrestrial network builds. Our deep experience in all aspects of fiber optic cable systems is what makes Hexatronic a natural choice for point to point projects.

Hexatronic’s submarine cable system solutions are highly flexible and can be used for shorter distances as well as longer unrepeatered ones. Whether it be an inland water project, crossing a river or harbor, between small islands, or larger undersea applications, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your project can be completed quickly and cost effectively.

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1 thought on “Hexatronic Bags Orders for Submarine Fiber Optic Cables

  1. You haven’t mentioned the project name for which Hexatronic was awarded. The customer is Crosslake Fiber. Hexatronic will supply the high-density optical fiber submarine cable for its new submarine cable project developed on the other side of the Channel. The project is across the English Channel that will link Slough, UK, and Paris France with fiber optic cables.

    Crosslake Fiber’s CrossChannel project is an unrepeated fiber-optic submarine cable system. This project will provide connectivity across the Channel and connect the data centers in Slough, UK, and Paris, France.

    Hexatronic will supply 96 fiber double-shielded cable for this project. This is what I read on other websites.

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