Hetzner invests in Submarine Fiber Link


Germany based web hosting provider and datacenter operator Hetzner Online invests in a new fiber optic submarine cable link. This will enhance Hetzner’s business prospects by having more control on the network which it utilizes for its own services and also by expanding its hands to reach into the management of data delivery networks. Cinia Group Oy has signed a breakthrough contract with Hetzner Online AG for the use of Cinia’s new Sea Lion submarine cable system between Finland and Germany.

The Germany-Finland sub-sea cable spans over 1,100 kilometers on its way from Rostock to Helsinki. The fiber optic link is expected to be put into operation in the spring of 2016. Initial preparations for cable system implementation have started with routing and marine surveys.

The project is named Sea Lion. Submarine cable network link will be deployed by the industry giant Alcatel-Lucent and Cinia Group. Cinia Group was previously known as Corenet. Cinia and Hetzner Online have signed a 20-year contract to use the Sea Lion system. The contract, currently worth over €10 million, allows the extension of capacity up to 15 Tbps and creates a new opening for Cinia in the German market and continental Europe.

Hetzner Online is a rapidly growing successful German data center company, which is planning a significant investment in Finland to meet Europe’s increasing digital capacity needs. For Hetzner Online, this contract secures its planned data center investments, along with the reliable and secure use of data and its location. Also, the increased demand for resilient infrastructure systems and the growth of data-intensive customers requires new investments. As a growing hub for data-intensive services, Finland is Hetzner Online’s major investment target.

Hetzner Online will be using a part of the fiber-optic cable for fast and secure connectivity from its present data centers to Scandinavian countries in future, thereby taking greater control over the quality of its data transmission.

The whole system will provide a total transmission capacity of 15 terabits per second and will play a key role in providing reliable and secure broadband connections for cloud and data center applications.

The new sea cable provides Hetzner Online with a broadband and latency optimized connection between a future data center located in the Nordic region and the Central European Internet infrastructure in Frankfurt. Hetzner Online has shown steady annual growth since 1997 and has become one of the most successful data centers and hosting operators for the SME market.

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