FiberHome Enters Submarine Communication Engineering


China-based fiber optic cable and components manufacturer, FiberHome and Jiangsu Huaxicun Ocean Engineering Service will collaborate for establishing a new company for the construction and maintenance of submarine fiber optic cables and handling undersea cabling projects. Officials from both companies signed an agreement to establish Fenghua Ocean Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.

China has one of the longest coastlines and is one of the largest maritime countries. China claims to have a sea area of 3 million square kilometers and a coastline of 18,000 kilometers. There are more than 6,000 islands along the coast. China has been investing in the development of these islands by connecting them to the mainland with high-speed fiber optic cables.

With the development of China marine economy, the construction density of submarine communication networks and the demand for fault maintenance are increasing, requiring the construction and maintenance capability of domestic submarine optical fiber cables need to be further strengthened, so faster and better respond to construction and fault maintenance can be achieved.

FiberHome Submarine Network Equipment Co Ltd is the first enterprise in the submarine telecommunication industry to integrate R&D and manufacture of fields including shore-end transmission equipment, underwater system equipment, submarine optical fiber cables, and optical components. FiberHome provides submarine communication network products and has become a turnkey solutions provider of marine communication network EPC. The scope of EPC works includes survey/design/license processing, the development and production of the whole series of submarine communication products, and the submarine cable engineering construction and maintenance services, etc.

Jiangsu Huaxicun Ocean Engineering Service Co., Ltd is managed by the China Huaxi Group. The company specializes in offshore oil engineering contracting services, and mainly focuses on the transportation and hoisting of large structures, pipe laying, cable laying and subsea trenching, AHTS related construction, and platform operation support. It has rich experience in the field of marine engineering construction. Fenghua Ocean Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., a joint venture established by FiberHome and Huaxicun, will leverage the strengths of both parties in the field of communications (including submarine communications) and marine construction, introduce advanced construction equipment, improve construction technology, shorten the time of submarine communication network failure, and focus on submarine communication engineering construction and maintenance services.

The establishment of Fenghua Ocean Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. will further enhance the construction and maintenance capabilities of the FiberHome submarine optical cable project. FiberHome will also continue to work hard to further promote the marine communication strategy and form the advantages of the entire industry chain including the R&D and production of underwater cutting-edge products in the marine communication field, and the delivery and service of marine engineering construction, and provide customers with more and better EPC submarine network communication turnkey projects service.

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