Alcatel-Lucent to Build Orval Submarine Fiber Optic Link

Alcatel-Lucent will construct the Orval submarine fiber optic cable network in Algeria. Alcatel-Lucent and the Algerian Ministry of Post, Information Technology and Communications, have signed a turnkey agreement for the deployment of the Orval system. The submarine fiber optic link spans over 560 km will link Oran in Algeria to Valencia, Spain.

Submarine network construction is expected for completion in 2016. The system will operate at a speed of 100 gigabits per second. The submarine cable system will have an ultimate design capacity of 20 terabits per seconds. This speed and capacity will facilitate the delivery of broadband services to an estimated 42 million Internet users in Algeria and Spain.

The press release from Alcatel-Lucent says the Orval submarine cable system is part of the orsec plan which has been put in place by the Algerian Ministry in order to reinforce the ability to face natural disasters such as in the case of the earthquake in 2003 and of which strengthening international communications is a key element.

Alcatel-Lucent will be the lead contractor in charge of designing and manufacturing the system in consortium with IT Marine who will be responsible for marine operations.

Once completed, the network will connect and carry the communication data from and to the African nations through Algeria to the European nations. Broadband access is a fundamental contributor to both businesses and consumers in both Africa and Europe. The Orval network represents a strategic technology investment that will strengthen access to high-quality network services.

The Orval undersea cable system will help meet the broadband demand and strengthen overall connectivity in the Mediterranean. The coming years will witness a surge in the data flow between the developing economies in the African continent and Europe. Submarine cables are one of the safest telecommunication cable deployment option compared to the exposed terrestrial links. The new project highlights the continued need for higher capacity and connectivity that is critical for broadband expansion.

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