PT Telekom Selects NEC for IGG Cable System

PT Telekom Indonesia has selected the Japanese telecommunication giant NEC for the development of Indonesia Global Gateway Cable System, shortly known as IGG. By signing the contract with NEC, Indonesian incumbent telecom operator, PT Telekom intends to boost connectivity between Indonesia’s major cities. Indonesia Global Gateway Cable System (IGG), an optical submarine cable system that will connect the islands of Sumatra, Batam, Jawa, Bali, Kalimantan and Sulawesi with Singapore.

IGG cable system Indonesia
Indonesia Global Gateway Cable System (IGG)

The IGG cable system uses a 4 fiber submarine optical cable which is designed to transmit 100 Gigabit per second (Gbps) x 80 wavelengths. The total length spans approximately 5,300 kilometers when connecting the cities of Dumai, Batam, Jakarta, Madura, Bali, Makassar, Bilikpapan, Takaran and Manado with Singapore.

IGG is scheduled for completion in early 2018. The IGG cable system will not only enhance connectivity among these major cities of Indonesia, but it is designed to provide direct connectivity between two international submarine cables, one from Europe landing in Dumai, and the other from the west coast of the U.S. terminating in Manado.

In a press release, officials of Japanese firm NEC told that it is honored to be selected once again by Telkom as the supplier of an optical fiber submarine cable system, the advanced 100Gb/s IGG system, providing connectivity among nine Indonesian cities and Singapore, and linking two international submarine cables at Dumai and Manado. Since first building an optical fiber submarine cable system for Telkom in 1991, NEC has continuously helped to expand Indonesia’s domestic connectivity. The Papua Cable System (SMPCS) being the latest such contribution, NEC is proud to have the chance to add yet another page to its service history with the IGG.

The project is aimed at fulfilling the country’s ambition of becoming the world’s hub for telecommunication and this is the third collaboration between NEC and Telkom after the $250 million Southeast Asia-United States (SEA-US), and Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua Cable System (SMPCS) worth Rp 3.6 trillion ($273 million) in total. On the SMPCS project, NEC only worked on a 2,000 km section connecting Indonesia’s Papua province with neighboring Papua New Guinea.

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