Liquid Sea Commences Submarine Fiber Cable Project


African fiber optic telecom Infrastructure provider, Liquid Telecom will build a new submarine fiber optic cable. The company had formed a new subsidiary division, named Liquid Sea, which is wholly-owned by the parent Liquid Telecom to implement the successful deployment of the project. Liquid Sea has started the project to build a new subsea cable linking Africa to the Middle East with onwards connectivity to Europe. A request For a tender has been issued to international companies involved in the construction of submarine cables.

Liquid Sea estimates that an approximately 10,000km submarine cable is required to connect South Africa to the Middle East, which will be connected to Liquid Telecom’s pan-African terrestrial network. This will enable a reliable and affordable international connectivity service to landlocked and coastal countries in Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa. The project is already fully funded and a project completion time of two has been calculated.

New submarine fiber optic cable will offer speeds of 20-30Tbps, up to 10 times the capacity of existing submarine cables in the region. Liquid Sea cable will be more reliable and will offer ultra-fast connection for governments, businesses, schools, and homes in both coastal and land-locked countries across Africa.

Liquid sea submarine fiber optic cable is planned to directly connect all coastal countries along the east coast of Africa and to provide new connectivity to the Middle-East and Europe. The project will include landing stations in several ports that are currently not served by existing subsea cables. It will also leverage Liquid Telecom’s extensive terrestrial fiber network, the largest network of its kind in Africa, to provide onward connectivity to landlocked countries on the continent.

The liquid sea cable project will provide a step-change in the way Internet connectivity is regarded in Africa. The parent company, Liquid Telecom will be able to leverage the new submarine cable and its terrestrial network will improve to offer its carriers, enterprise customers, and households better services throughout the continent.

Liquid Telecom’s terrestrial fiber-optic network is the largest single, contiguous network that crosses many borders in Africa. Liquid’s terrestrial networks are complemented by the satellite service for rural and remote areas. Liquid’s new submarine cable will also link Tanzania to Europe via a ‘less-congested route’, that is the East African coast- Middle-East towards its way to Europe.

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