Telxius Provides Landing and Colocation Services for Google’s Grace Hopper


Telxius, in a press release, revealed that they will provide the landing station and colocation services to Google’s undersea fiber optic cable Grace. Telxius is the leading neutral telecommunications infrastructure operator and has an extensive portfolio of towers and submarine cables.

The cable will connect the US to Spain and the UK once completed in 2022. This new expanded collaboration between Telxius and Google will allow Google to connect the new cable to the Telxius Cable Landing Station (CLS) in Sopelana, Spain, and leverage the rich interconnection and advanced transmission capabilities of the nearby Derio Communications Hub.

Telxius had several successful collaborations on Google’s subsea cables, such as Dunant, Junior, and Tannat cables connecting South America, North America, and Europe. At Derio, Google along with its customers and users will have access to top-quality IP, capacity, and colocation services and will be uniquely positioned to connect to the rest of Europe and beyond.

Submarine cable network between Americas and Europe
Picture Courtesy: Telxius

For a fully interactive map, please visit Telxius Interactive Map

Google users and Google Cloud customers will indirectly benefit from Derio Communications Hub, a carrier-neutral purpose-built infrastructure that has been designed to ensure that every hyper-scale, cloud, and/or content provider benefits from its cutting-edge colocation services and its high interconnection capacity, being able to connect securely and dynamically into other markets. Furthermore, the Derio facility is a 100% renewable energy building with free cooling, featuring Tier III specifications and offering up to 4 MW of power.

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