Press Release Policy

Press releases are contents published by fiber optic business firms. The press release could be an announcement about new product development, service, events, an award of the contract, commencement of work, an invention of new technology, release of a report etc.

For example, company A develops a fiber optic splitter. They want their customers and potential users know the availability of their new splitter. Company A publishes a content intended to promote their splitter in their website or associated websites. Another example is an exhibition where company B showcase their products. Company B wishes to spread the news to the potential users of their product to know their presence in the exhibition so that they can generate business leads. They publish a press release on their website about the exhibition.

Press releases help companies to promote their products. There is an element of product PROMOTION in the press release. Therefore, press releases may seem to be partial. Fiber Optic Mania does not promote or demote any of the fiber optic product or company. We do not recommend any products or company. We are neutral. Fiber Optic Mania is just interested in the content of the press release. Our sincere aim is to let as many people as possible know the availability of any fiber optic product, service, event, development or invention.

It may seem by reading some of the press releases from a company A, that we are partial to that company. Next moment you may encounter another press release from company B about the same product on our website. As we stated above, our sincere aim is to bring out the knowledge and make all the options available to our readers.

So, you are welcome with your press releases. Please send us the content to or

Please remember, we have zero tolerance policy towards copied content. There is a tendency among at least a certain people to copy the content of their competitor and use it to promote their product. At the end of the day, this practice damages the reputation of your company. True content will help your product gain more reputation.

You are welcome to republish the press releases published already on your website or any other website. Please send us the press release. We will review it and publish it.