Our Vision

As we move forward with the deployment of high-speed broadband services, the virtual distance between countries will reduce. The fiber optic cables that connect continents and spread within a country like a nervous system will remove barriers created by land and sea. There would be a cultural amalgamation of human civilizations.

Information at the speed of light has the power to remove darkness from the minds, has the power to lead human beings to a more wiser and more intelligent unified species on Mother Earth. We believe this would be the next evolution phase of homo-sapiens. Fiber Optic Mania aims to contribute to this evolution by effectively and actively involved in the process of sharing what we know and encouraging others to share what they know.

Our goal is to make Fiber Optic Mania an information source of Fiber Optics. By providing online news and articles we aim to accelerate the growth of fiber optic deployments all over the world. Information on developments is important for those working in fiber optic technology. The knowledge they gain from this site could be effectively utilized for building next-generation networks.

We believe, individual’s knowledge contributes to the nation’s growth. Online fiber optic quizzes help to pursue knowledge in the field of fiber optics. We provide fiber optic quiz to sharpen and pursue further knowledge. The online discussion forums help to clear your doubts and share your knowledge and experience to help others.

By providing these online tools we aim to spread knowledge in fiber optics. Our vision is a world almost equally placed to have access to the knowledge resources. We believe this would reduce the digital gap and finally eliminate the digital divide. Join us. Be part of this online community.