An Introduction to the Advantages of CFP4

With the continuous upgrade of the network from 10G-40G-100G, 40G and 100G optical components are also widely applied in various fields. According to the market demands on high bandwidth, transmission rate/distance, etc, it seems that 100G products are more suitable for the market trend than 40G products. It is believed that 100G products will continuously prevail in the market. In terms of 100G CFP optical transceiver series, Gigalight has three form factors: CFP, CFP2, CFP4.

The 100G CFP optical module, also called as the 100G client module, is a module with the hot-pluggable form factor. The CFP series optical modules have experienced the development of CFP, CFP2, CFP4 since the CFP was launched. However, it seems that the CFP4 optical module is the most cost-effective solution among them, and is widely praised. Then in this post, there will be an introduction to the advantages of CFP4.

What Is 100G CFP4 Optical Module?

The 100G CFP4 module is developed based on CFP, CFP4. It has the same rate as that of the CFP/CFP2 optical module, but the transmission efficiency has been greatly improved. Besides, the power consumption is reduced, and the cost is also lower than that of CFP2. Therefore, CFP4 optical module has an irreplaceable advantage. Next, the advantages of the CFP4 optical module will be involved in.

Advantages of CFP4 Optical Transceiver Module

By comparison, CFP4 optical transceiver is with the following outstanding advantages demanded by most of the network users:

  1. With higher transmission efficiency: the early 100G CFP optical module achieves the 100G transmission rate through 10*10G channels, and the 100G CFP4 optical module now achieves 100G transmission through 4 25G channels, so the transmission efficiency is higher and the stability is stronger.
  2. With smaller volume: the volume of the CFP4 optical module is 1/4 of the CFP, which is the smallest optical module in the CFP series light module.
  3. With higher integration of modules: the integration of CFP2 is 2 times that of CFP, and the integration of CFP4 is four times that of CFP.
  4. With lower power consumption & cost: the transmission efficiency of the CFP4 optical module is obviously improved, and the power consumption is decreased and the cost of the system is lower than that of CFP2.

These advantages of CFP4 optical modules have attracted wide attention. Simultaneously, due to these merits, CFP4 will be preferred in the fields, such as data centers requiring ultra-high bandwidth and core routers.


It is known to us that 100G is the trend of future network development. With the expansion of the scale of the 100G industry, the cost of the 100G optical module will also be reduced. At the same time, the cost of the whole 100G network deployment will be also reduced. Gigalight believes that the CFP4 series of optical modules bring new solutions for 100G applications and will promote faster development of 100G.

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