Infinera Launches 800 Gbps per Wavelength Optical Engine


Optoelectronic solutions provider Infinera launched a new model of optical engine that is capable of high-capacity optical transmission with dual-channel 800 Gbps per wave and features leading optical performance. The new model is Infinera’s sixth-generation Infinite Capacity Engine, ICE6.

ICE6 sets a new benchmark in high-speed optical transmission. Part of The Infinite Network, ICE6 builds on the success of Infinera’s ICE4 and Instant Bandwidth with a 1.6 terabits per second (1.6T) optical engine, providing a seamless path for network operators to meet the relentless growth of bandwidth and increasingly dynamic, unpredictable traffic flows.

ICE6, which is packaged in a cross-platform digital coherent module, combines Infinera’s sixth-generation photonic integrated circuit (PIC) with its in-house 7 nanometers (nm) FlexCoherent® digital signal processor (DSP) technology.

Infinera will showcase the ICE6 for the first time at the Optical Fiber Conference and Exhibition (OFC) in San Diego, California from March 5-7, 2019. Infinera said in a press release that the FlexCoherent 6 DSP will be available from the third quarter of this year. A complete ICE6 optical engine will be available commercially by the end of this year, and platforms powered by ICE6 commercially available in the second half of 2020.

ICE6 optical engines employ tight tolerances in module design since high baud rate transmissions like 800G have extremely difficult and require high-end technology. Infinera uses its revolutionary Nyquist subcarriers, deep vertical integration, and mastery of indium phosphide photonics to deliver an industry-leading 800G solution.

ICE6 features a second-generation probabilistic constellation shaping engine, powered by 7 nm technology and a comprehensive toolkit of advanced coherent technologies. ICE6 will deliver up to 45 percent higher maximum capacity per fiber, streamlined operations and lowest total cost of ownership.

The optical engine is an optical setup containing electronics and controls.

Infinera is a global supplier of innovative networking solutions that enable carriers, cloud operators, governments and enterprises to scale network bandwidth, accelerate service innovation and automate network operations. The Infinera end-to-end packet-optical portfolio delivers industry-leading economics and performance in long-haul, subsea, data center interconnects and metro transport applications.

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