How to Choose SFP Transceiver Modules for UniFi US-8-150W Switch?


Ubiquiti Networks Unifi switch is part of the UniFi line of products that delivers robust performance and intelligent switching for the growing networks. Many customers nowadays hold great feedback about cost-effective UniFi switches. US-8-150W, as one of the most popular UniFi switches, offers eight Gigabit RJ45 ports and 2 SFP ports that can support up to 1Gbps. So, how to choose the suitable optics for UniFi US-8-150W switch? This article will provide detailed information about this UniFi switch and the appropriate SFP modules for US-8-150W switch (seen in the below image).


Understanding UniFi US-8-150W Switches

port-info-of-US-8-150WUbiquiti Networks UniFi switches can be divided into two types: managed Gigabit switches and managed PoE+ Gigabit Switches. In short, POE switches and non-POE switches. Each UniFi switch type is fully managed Gigabit switches with RJ45 and SFP+/SFP ports, offering non-blocking throughout switching performance.

US-8-150W UniFi switch features 8 RJ45 ports and 2 SFP ports which offer convenient different power output options, auto-sensing IEEE 802.3af/at POE/POE + performance. It is a bit larger than a standard home switch. So, would-be buyers who are looking to rackmount need to buy an extra shelf and stick it there. The table below provides clear information about this switch.

Note that US-8-150W is only US $199.

How to Select SFP Modules for UniFi US-8-150W Switches?

According to Ubiquiti Networks, both their original and third-party SFP transceiver modules from other vendors can be used on UniFi switches.

Ubiquiti Networks UF-MM-1G & UF-SM-1G-S

Ubiquiti Networks only offer two type of SFPs—UF-MM-1G and UF-SM-1G-S. UF-MM-1G SFP module supports a data rate of 1.25 Gbps over multimode fibers. It uses the 850nm as the Tx and Rx wavelength with a supporting distance of 550m.

UF-SM-1G-S is a single-mode SFP available in both blue (1310nm) and yellow (1550nm) color code. Unlike the 1000BASE-LX SFP optics with LC single-mode fibers that can operate up to 5 km, UF-SM-1G-S only supports a link limit of 3 km.


Figure 3 presents all the existing fiber optic transceivers (SFP and SFP+) from Ubiquiti Networks. UF-SM-1G-S is in the middle of the image.

3rd Party SFPs for US-8-150W Switch

Besides the above two SFP types, there are several more Gigabit Ethernet standards for SFP transceiver modules—1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-SX, 1000Base-LX/LH, 1000BASE-ZX, 1000BASE-BX-D, 1000BASE-BX-U and 1000BASE-EX, which are compatible with the UniFi switches. According to the Ubiquiti Networks, Fiberstore (FS.COM) SFPs are tested to be fully compliant with UniFi switches. For more information about these compatible SFPs, please check on the following list.


From the table, we know that several Cisco SFP modules and HPE SFP transceivers are working on the UniFi Switches. In our test center, we have tested the GLC-T compatibility and Cisco GLC-SX-MM compatible issues.

More Information About UniFi Switches

Besides the hot-selling US-8-150W switches, there are a series of UniFi switches such as US-8-60W, US-16-XG, US-48, US-8, US-24, US-48-750W, US-48-500W, US-24-250W, US-24-500W. Whether you use which one, FS.COM SFPs in the above table are tested to be fully compatible with UniFi switches. For such a low price of the 3rd party SFP transceiver modules, it is advisable for you to purchase more optics for backup.


The UniFi US-8-150W switches are designed to be part of the complete line of small business or home networking and wireless communication products that work together as part of proven, fully integrated, easy-to-use small business solution. UniFi switches support several types of Gigabit Ethernet SFP optical transceivers. All these high-quality fiber optic transceivers can be found on FS.COM for great prices. We also make sure to provide its customers the same day shipping. Some of the items can be directly shipped from Seattle warehouse.

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