OFS Introduces Bend Insensitive A2 Fiber with 9.2 Micrometer MFD


World-leading  fiber optic solutions provider, OFS announces the introduction of Bend insensitive ITU-T G.657.A2 fiber complying with G.652D features and with a Mode Field Diameter (MFD) of 9.2 micro meters. OFS market this fiber as AllWave FLEX+ A2 Optical Fiber. The AllWave A2 9.2 Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Optical Fiber combines the bending performance and reliability with the added benefit of a 9.2 µm mode field diameter.

Typically, conventional G.652D fibers are deployed in the metro-ring, core, and feeder cables and G.657A1 fibers having features of G.652D fibers and bend insensitivity are deployed in the distribution and last-mile. Where severe bend requirements are necessary, G.657A2 fibers are deployed in the premise, and last-mile area. G.657A2 fibers do not necessarily need to comallowing seamless integration of bend-insensitive fiber into existing FTTX, central office, data center and high power networks utilizing 9.2 µm MFD fiber.

As per ITU-T, the  G.657 fibers are developed for use in access networks, including inside buildings at the end of these networks. It has two categories such as A and B. Both categories A and B contain two subcategories such as A1, A2 and B2, B3 that are differentiated based on macrobending loss.

Category A fibers are optimized for reduced macrobending loss compared to ITU-T G.652.D fibers and can be deployed throughout the access network. Category A fibers are suitable for use in the O-, E-, S-, C- and L-band (i.e., throughout the 1 260 nm to 1 625 nm range). Fibers and requirements in this category are a subset of ITU-T G.652.D and are therefore compliant with ITU-T G.652.D fibers and have the same transmission and interconnection properties. Thus, ITU-T G.657.A fibers can be used for all networks where ITU-T G.652.D fibers are specified.

Graph showing difference of ITU-T G.657A and B category fibers

Subcategory ITU-T G.657.A1 fibers are appropriate for a minimum design radius of 10 mm.
Subcategory ITU-T G.657.A2 fibers are appropriate for a minimum design radius of 7.5 mm.

Category B fibers are optimized for further reduced macrobending loss and therefore are capable of being used at very low values of bend radius. These fibers are intended for short reach distances (less than 1,000 m) at the end of access networks, in particular inside buildings or near buildings (e.g., outside building riser cabling).

Category B fibers are not necessarily compliant with ITU-T G.652.D in terms of chromatic dispersion coefficient and polarization mode dispersion (PMD) specifications. These fibers are system compatible with ITU-T G.657.A (and ITU-T G.652.D) fibers in access networks.

Headquartered in Norcross (near Atlanta) Georgia, U.S.A., OFS is a world-leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of optical fiber, fiber optic cable, connectivity, fiber-to-the-subscriber (FTTx), and specialty fiber optic products. OFS is part of Furukawa Electric Group, a multi-billion-dollar leader in optical communications.

Multiple dwelling unit and central office customers splicing G.652D fiber to a newer A2 fiber were realizing OTDR testing anomalies. The AllWave A2 9.2 Optical Fiber has the bending performance of an A2 fiber with the added benefit of a larger 9.2 µm mode field diameter which reduces OTDR anomalies at the splice point due to mismatched mode field diameters. This ultimately allows for one-way OTDR testing which allows for more efficient testing.

AllWave A2 9.2 Optical Fiber offers exceptional low loss and bending performance across the full 1260 nm – 1625 nm wavelength range. Its macrobending and microbending loss improvements, along with its robust strength and reliability, enable more compact, intricate cabinet and enclosure designs, protection against excessive loss from inadvertent fiber bends, reduction in potential damage from cable flexing, pulling, and crushing.

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