Nexans Expands its Connected Drums Service Solution


Nexans has expanded its Connected Drums solution business to six countries in Europe, which the solution provider plans to take to the other parts of the world. Nexan’s Connected Cable Drum ERP solution helps real-time tracking of cable drums and can reduce the time it takes to return a drum back to Nexans factory by as much as 25 percent – improving efficiency for both customers and Nexans.

Nexans has supplied its innovative solution to customers in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Chile, after building its success in France and Belgium. The solution was first introduced in 2016. By leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, Nexan’s Connected Drums solution can track the location of the cable drums and tell the accurate locations.

Connected drums - many drums in a rowWho can use?

Cable installation companies, who struggle to manage multiple drums of fiber optic and metallic cables on the field will be the real beneficiaries of Nexans’ Connected Drums solution.

Telecommunication companies engaging multiple contractors and subcontractors at multiple deployment sites can manage their cable assets effectively. Cable drum can be tracked from any location accurately. This saves inventory management costs and improves traceability.

Real-time geolocation

Lack of visibility of cable drums on multiple fields can cause troubles and loss to the network owners. The real-time tracking technology enables the network owners to monitor the status of individual drums at multiple locations. Nexans make use of the latest software technologies and tracking communication technologies to define exact geographical locations.

‘Connected Drums’ provides customers with the real-time location of each drum as well as an alert system for monitoring on-site events, such as deliveries or pickup. As a result, the implementation of the Connected Drum service could lead to a reduction of up to 90 percent in the theft and loss of drums, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Alert system

DSOs (distribution service operators) can lose hundreds of thousands of euros a year due to the lack of visibility of their drums scattered across construction sites. This is because complex supply chain processes can involve multiple teams, construction sites and subcontractors, so that expensive cable drums and cables are frequently lost, stolen or left idle on sites.

Stock visibility

It is also challenging for DSOs to monitor their stocks across multiple remote storage sites. Most often, network builders end up ordering surplus quantities of cables unaware of their actual inventory. Nexans’ technology also allows customers to track how much cable is left on each drum.

Nexans ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution, the customer can monitor their drums and access business information such as cable type and remaining lengths, sites, stock levels and other important details. Multipe KPIs can also be visualised on dynamic dashboard.

What Nexans Did?

In order to help its customers, Nexans designed a digital solution comprised of a fleet of cable drums with integrated, tiny battery-powered sensors that connect each drum wirelessly to a cloud-based management platform (available on desktop or mobile app).

The sensors are quick and easy to install, meaning the technology is scaleable and can be deployed quickly in new markets. Nexans currently uses the cloud-based solution in six countries (UK, Switzerland, Germany, Chile as well as France and Belgium).

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