Nextrom to Setup Preform and Optical Fiber Manufacturing Company in Russia

Optical fiber demand has been showing continuous growth for the past many years. The main reason for the continued growth is the deployment of next-generation networks such as Fiber to the home. Recent developments in Japan had created a worldwide shortage of optical fibers, which will lead to increased price in markets where fiber optic cable manufacturers depend on optical fiber suppliers.

Regional demand for optical fiber cables and regional distribution of optical fiber suppliers is not in a desirable pattern for the market to rely on a non-disrupted supply. Fiber to the home deployments in Europe, Russia, and other emerging markets has been a good trend for some years. Japanese optical fiber makers could reap from these regions for many years. The time has reached for at least some of the regional players to stand on their own foot by producing optical fibers and the raw material of optical fibers – Preform by themselves.

We could read one such news from Knill Groupe, which is the world leading optical fiber and fiber optic cable machine manufacturer. Knill Groppe has two brand names such as Rosendahl and Nextrom. New optical fiber and Preform manufacturing plant will be established in Russia’s Mordovia Republic. The location of the new factory will be Saransk, which is the capital city of Mordovia. Nextrom will supply optical fiber and preform machines to this new factory in Russia. Mordovia is around 650 kilometers from Moscow.

Russia has been experiencing increased demand for optical fiber which is mainly driven by the demand for high-speed communication services throughout Russia. Nextrom will supply the manufacturing machines, supporting infrastructure equipment and services. Silitec, a company headquartered in Boudry, Switzerland, which is fully equipped fiber optic plant and the R&D center for latest optical fiber products within the group, will support Nextrom to provide engineering and plant operations services.

The contract with Optical Volokno Systems (OVS) has been signed by the project partners in the presence of the president of the Republic of Mordovia. As per the agreement, the new fiber optic factory will produce preforms and optical fibers. Vapor axial deposition method (VAD) and Furnace Chemical Vapor Deposition (FCVD) will be used to manufacture the preforms. The plan is to ramp up the new factory to its full capacity over the next three years.

Furnace chemical vapor deposition, FCVD, may have some drawbacks, but it produces manufacture of quality optical fiber preforms that have excellent symmetry of the refractive index profile. This is a required parameter for fabrication of dispersion, dispersion varying and active fibers.

Nextrom is a world leading machine manufacturer who supplies Optical fiber drawing, deuterium treatment, proof testing, coloring, ribbon and blown fiber (EPFU), as well as Preform Manufacturing Systems for core preforms by MCVD or VAD technology, and cladding by tube sleeving (RIT, RIC) or soot cladding, with related equipment such as sintering, degassing and Preform stretching.

Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition or Furnace Chemical Vapor Deposition are some of the widely used methods for the fabrication of optical fiber preforms. Nextrom MCVD system OFC 12 is designed to fulfill the requirements of the fast-moving fiber optics and photonics industries. The latest technology applied in OFC 12 results in low start-up investment, quick set-up and easy to customize solutions. Advanced process monitoring and control optimizes the yield of preform fabrication and allows a wide product range.

Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, Nextrom provides complete machinery to manufacture optical fiber preforms, optical fibers, and fiber optic cables. Silitec has a fiber optic plant and research and development center for optical fibers. Silitec’s products range from optical fibers used in telecommunication and also customized optical fibers.

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