Sumitomo and Optoscribe Cooperate for Multicore Fiber Components


The UK based Optoscribe and Japan-based Sumitomo Electric have reached to an agreement to cooperate to Multicore Fiber components. The strategic partnership with Optiscribe, which is one of the leading suppliers of 3D glass-based integrated photonics components, and Sumitomo Electric which is one of the leaders in optical fiber, cable and component manufacturing will serve the datacom and telecommunication sectors.

Optoscribe’s 3D glass-based photonic integrated circuits combine embedded waveguides and high precision micromachining for applications ranging from data center optical transceiver interconnects, to fiber connectivity and consumer electronics.

A press release at Optiscribe’s website stated that the strategic cooperation will seed the market for practical use cases of Sumitomo Electric’s MCF interconnects. This is especially true for four core (or greater) MCF with fan-in/fan-out components based on 3D glass-based photonic technology in datacom applications where ultra-high density optical interconnect is required.

What is MultiCore Fiber?

Multicore fibers (MCFs) are optical fibers having more than one core inside the cladding region. Conventional single mode or multimode fibers have one core, which is at the center of the cladding. In a Multicore fiber, many core regions are carefully crafted during the optical preform manufacturing stage so that after drawing into thin strands also the cores and the cladding region maintain their dimensions proportionately.

Multicore fibers have sparked a new paradigm in optical communications since their introduction in the last decade as they can significantly increase the capacity of optical networks. Multicore fibers constitute a useful platform for testing quantum or relativistic effects and also helps to develop biological and medical imaging.

Commenting on the strategic partnership between two companies, Nick Psaila, CEO of Optoscribe, said: “We are delighted to embark on this strategic cooperation with Sumitomo Electric. We see this as a great opportunity to jointly address the performance challenges faced by datacom and telecom applications while creating and fostering the supply chain for further deployment of multicore fiber and related technologies.”

Tatsuo Saitoh, Head of Optical Communication Laboratory of Sumitomo Electric, said: “We believe that both companies with cutting edge technologies can create a new market and ecosystem for multicore fiber-based interconnects. We are excited that our products will solve customers’ challenges for ultra-high density optical interconnects.”

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