Huawei Upgrades Optical Networking 2.0 Solution 1

Huawei Upgrades Optical Networking 2.0 Solution

Huawei announced it will further upgrade its Optical Networking 2.0 (ON2.0) solution at Huawei’s 7th Optical Network Innovation Forum, which featuring new speed, new sites, new smart O&M, new schema, and new services. This solution will help operators develop innovative services and thrive.

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Ciena and Arista Conducts Interoperability of 400GbE Solution

An interoperability test of the telecom industry’s most dense and spectrally-efficient 400GbE transport solution with the high-density native 400GbE router has been accomplished by the equipment solutions provider Ciena and the software solution provider Arista. The test lays the groundwork for ubiquitous high-bandwidth connectivity in global networks.

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ZTE and China Mobile Conducts Pilot Tests for IP+Optical Solutions

ZTE has successfully completed the tests on its IP+Optical solutions along with China Mobile. The pilot Projects conducted in five Chinese cities tested the capabilities of ZTE’s SDN based IP+Optical solutions. ZTE Corporation, a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, has designed and developed SDN-based IP+Optical solution, together with China Mobile Research…

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Xtera and UCL Demonstrates 74.38 Tbps Over 6,300 km

Leading subsea communication solution provider, Xtera and UCL (University College of London) demonstrated high-capacity optical transmission over 6,300 kilometers transatlantic fiber link. The experiment recorded a transmission rate of 74.38 Terabits per second over Sumitomo’s single mode Optical fibers. The demonstration was part of Xtera’s presentation to show the benefits of its advanced and novel approach to the subsea product…

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FiberHome, CICT, and Accelink Demonstrate Petabit Transmission

In a first of its kind experiment in China, a consortium of researchers from CICT (China Information and Communication Technology), FiberHome and Accelink have successfully developed a system capable to transmit at petabit rates. The National Information Optoelectronics Innovation Center and the National Key Laboratory of Optical Fiber Communication Technology and Network China working as the subsidiary of CICT Group…

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Can a Single-Wavelength transmit at 600Gbps?

Can a Single-wavelength do transmission at a speed of 600Gbps? We have been talking about commecial deployment of optical networks that are designed to transmit at a speed of 100Gbps. The developments are quick in the field of fiber optics. Now CITIC Networks in partnership with Huawei made a successful commercial implementation of Single-Wavelength 600G network in Beijing. The practical…