OFS Launches Dry-Core, Easy-To-Locate ACCURIBBON®DC Toneable Cable


OFS, designer, manufacturer, and supplier of leading edge fiber optic network products today announced the launch of the AccuRibbon® DC Toneable cable, an innovative dry-core cable design, specifically engineered to enhance cable locatability and help reduce installation and operating expenses with a faster and cleaner installation.

“The AccuRibbon DC Toneable cable offers a compact and easy-to-locate fiber cable solution in a completely dry-ribbon design,“ said William Kloss, Executive VP of Marketing & Sales, North America & CALA.  “OFS was first to market with the patented all-dry cable core design which offers our customers significant labor cost savings opportunities since no gel or oil removal is necessary, helping to save them time and resources.”

Unlike traditional outside plant fiber cables that use gels in direct contact with optical fibers, the AccuRibbon DC Toneable Cable replaces the gel inside the central tube with a super-absorbent tape that provides water blocking.  The absence of gels allows almost effortless splice preparation and a lower overall cable weight.  The reduced cable weight enables the installation of longer cable lengths in a typical underground route.

The AccuRibbon units in this cable support the use of mass-fusion splicing to speed fiber termination and the inherent high fiber density of these units helps to maximize the number of fibers that can be deployed per duct.  The AccuRibbon DC Toneable incorporates two copper conductors embedded in the cable’s sheath which helps to reduce ongoing operational expenses by greatly increasing continuous locating distances and removing the need to place a separate cable for locating purposes.


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