Occam Networks Provides FTTP Products to Upgrade Networks


Occam Networks, Inc. announced that Northern Arkansas Telephone (Flippin, Arkansas) and Sledge Telephone (Sunflower, Mississippi) have purchased Occam’s BLC 6000 FTTP solutions to significantly upgrade their networks. The two service providers selected Occam due to the scalability and flexibility of Occam solutions.

These two deployments also reflect the growing penetration of FTTH, both in all fiber and mixed copper/fiber networks. The FTTH Council recently reported that FTTH networks are now available to more than 13 percent of North American households; within that 13 percent, point to point fiber connections now make up nearly four percent of the residential telecommunications market.

Copper broadband technologies still play a significant role in service provider networks as the pace of migration to FTTP architectures varies from one provider to another.  In situations where DSL technologies are leveraged, deep fiber placement is critical to the increased coverage and bandwidth in a carrier’s serving area.  This increasing trend is evident as shortened last-mile loops and FTTP have quickly become the strategies of choice for network planners looking to keep pace with high-bandwidth Internet applications and home entertainment options such as high definition video on demand.

Northern Arkansas Deploys Occam as Part of Comprehensive Network Rebuild
Northern Arkansas purchased Occam’s BLC 6312 GigE optical line terminals (OLTs) and BLC 2342 optical network terminals (ONTs) as part of a five-phase upgrade for one of its exchanges. Northern Arkansas is replacing its copper network with an all FTTH network.  Services that will leverage this investment will include a possible future deployment of high definition IPTV.  After looking at many access solution providers, Northern Arkansas chose Occam because of the company’s experience helping other service providers migrate to FTTH. “Our original copper infrastructure has been around for decades,” said Steven Sanders, Northern Arkansas’ Vice President, and Plant Manager. “When it was time to rebuild our exchange we chose Occam because they have the right mindset in implementing and developing durable products. Everything they offer is scalable, as we move to the next technology, Occam can handle it.”

Sledge Telephone Upgrades Services with Occam Products
Sledge Telephone deployed Occam’s BLC 6312 OLTs, ON 2300 series ONTs and BLC 6252 ADSL2Plus and POTS blade with Gigabit Ethernet to upgrade its mixed copper/fiber network. Sledge is upgrading nearly all of its exchanges to fiber, except for a small area where they will maintain copper but shorten loop lengths to approximately 3,500 ft. This network upgrade will enable Sledge to provide business and residential subscribers with advanced broadband services including voice, data and IP video.

“We’ve had a very positive experience with Occam. Their team is knowledgeable, easy to work with and delivers on time,” said Robert Sledge, President of Sledge Telephone.  “We spent the better part of 1 ½ year assessing different equipment. We wanted an Active Ethernet solution and Occam offered exactly what we required.”

“These service providers needed to significantly increase bandwidth in underserved areas, yet executed different strategies:  one moved to an all-fiber network immediately, the other incrementally.  Occam provides the solutions and expertise for both scenarios,” said Juan Vela, Director of Solutions Marketing and Strategy, Occam Networks. “Occam Networks understands the growing bandwidth demands of today’s businesses and consumers and has designed flexible and scalable solutions to meet services providers’ needs today and in the future.”

About Occam Networks, Inc.
Occam Networks’ broadband access solutions empower service providers to offer profitable new voice, data and video services over copper and fiber. Occam systems deliver flexibility and scalability in a Triple Play world. Over 2 million BLC 6000 ports are currently deployed at over 315 service providers in North America and the Caribbean.


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