Glimmerglass Announces High-Density Optical Platform


Glimmerglass, the leading supplier of intelligent optical switching systems, today announced its new Intelligent Peripheral System 3000 (IPS 3000).  The IPS 3000 is a high reliability, a high-density platform that complements the Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Switch providing a superior solution for managing and controlling the physical layer of fiber optic networks.  The introduction of the IPS 3000 extends the company’s solution offering to environments which need to process hundreds of signals and flexibly multicast them to selected destinations.

Designed to operate in the most stringent high-reliability environments, the IPS 3000 supports a range of redundancy features. These include dual power supplies, dual control modules, dual communications paths, and hot-swappable modules.  Each IPS 3000 chassis supports up to 12 peripheral modules.  The initial release includes modules for optical amplification, optical splitting, and lossless optical signal distribution.  In all cases, these are the highest density modules in the industry.  Up to 24 EDFA optical amplifiers or 144 optical splitters are supported in only 6 RU (10.5 inches) of rack space.

Powerful management system software, Glimmerglass LightFlow MS, is integrated into each IPS 3000.  LightFlow MS supports multiple IPS 3000 chassis through the Glimmerglass ClickManage GUI, the TL1 command language, and SNMP.  ClickManage is a powerful, easy to use, web-based GUI which provides a convenient view of all peripheral modules, instant access to system health, robust user and alarm management, and device configuration.

“The IPS 3000 is the latest result of Glimmerglass’ drive to provide the best possible solutions to create, monitor and restore lightpaths,” said Robert Lundy, Glimmerglass CEO. “As our customers build larger and more complex fiber optic networks, Glimmerglass will be there with the solutions.”

About Glimmerglass
Glimmerglass provides powerful, flexible lightpath management solutions. Customers deploy Glimmerglass Intelligent Optical Switches to create, monitor and restore lightpaths in networks supporting land-based and undersea telecommunications systems, enterprise data networks, Internet peering exchanges, government networks, and video networks.  Glimmerglass switches provide customers with the industry’s lowest-loss, low-profile, non-blocking and fully transparent switching, scalable from 16 to 192 ports.


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