ECI and Sprint Deploys Fiber Network in Sosnowiec


Local government offices and academic institutions in Sosnowiec, Poland will get benefits of high speed broadband communication services, thanks to the deployment of fiber optic broadband networks by Network solutions provider ECI and Sprint. The greenfield broadband network in Sosnowiec will provide enhanced user experience, better governance, and administration of the public institutions and health care organizations.

The project is part of the US$5.6 million initiative co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund to provide fast broadband access across Poland by 2020. It included the construction and organization of a fiber optic network, an IP-MPLS backbone, an access network, and a network management center, with the Sosnowiec network based on ECI’s family of Packet-Optical transport solutions which combine high performance and low-latency with maximum efficiency.

The project will ultimately provide local government and police infrastructures, academic institutions, and public institutions such as hospitals and sports arenas with internet access, IP telephony, electronic government services, and video monitoring.


Sprint officials said that they selected ECI‘s Packet-Optical solution as ECI solutions are industry-proven with an impressive track record. In addition, the company has an excellent reputation for service. For Sprint, Sosnowiec greenfield deployment has been a wonderful first project together with ECI. Sprint officials said that the ECI not only met their expectations but exceeded many times and hence they look forward to working on many more projects together.

Christian Erbe, head of the municipality, utility, and government sector for ECI EMEA, said his company was honored to have been chosen as Sprint’s partner. “This is ECI’s first project in Poland. It is a privilege to be part of such an important initiative, one that will positively impact the lives of millions,” he commented.


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