Are You Ready for Embracing 100G Ethernet?

Many hardware vendors like Cisco, Finisar, Huawei and Brocade have recently announced support for 100 Gigabit Ethernet and telecom vendors around the world have also shown interest in launching 100G networks. All these events shows the sign of the advent of 100 Gigabit Ethernet in the commercial segment. However, is it necessary to move to 100G now?

25G Ethernet Questions and Answers

25G Ethernet, developed by IEEE 802.3 task force P802.3by is a newly proposed standard for Ethernet connectivity. After its appearance, the road to 100G is considered to be 10G→25G→100G. 25G Ethernet may be the quickest path to completion IEEE Ethernet standards effort to 100GbE. To unveil the mask of the mysterious 25G standard, this post offers some answers to help you sort it out.

MTN Plans to Expand its Fiber Optic Networks in Zambia

South Africa-based telecoms giant MTN has announced an investment of about US$15 million to expand its fiber-optic network infrastructures across Zambia. According to the telecom operator, the investments are geared towards improving internet access across the country. MTN sees potential growth in the telecom market in Zambia. The operator reveals that it has invested $10 million in fiber optic deployments…

Northland to Build Network for IDA in Herkimer County

The Industrial Development Agency will outsource the construction work of a new fiber optic network from Northland Communications. The Herkimer County Legislature has approved a fund to the county’s Industrial Development Agency to build a new fiber optic network at the Frankfort 5S South Business Park. The county council allocated $20,000 to the agency for network deployment.