The Advantages of CATV EDFA


Optical amplifiers serve as an integrated part of long haul data transmission. Fiber optical transponders and fiber optical amplifier are used in the WDM fiber optic system, and it makes WDM transmission possible. In recent years, fiber optic CATV EDFA System, especially the 1500nm optical fiber CATV System, is being rapidly developed in our country.

What is EDFA?

Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier is short for EDFA, which was applied in 90 s in the optical fiber transmission system and its popularization and application of optical fiber communication technology has brought a revolution.EDFA is in the small volume, low power consumption, easy to us. What’s more, it is convenient to install all kinds of application systems, such as SDH frame inside, CATV machine box, DWDM system one of the functional modes of the Optical fiber amplifier system, there are generally two kinds of methods to insert the network management system. One is 232 c interface circuit with optical fiber amplifier to transfer parameters of the optical fiber amplifier and alarm information to the network management system, unified management, display, and disposal.

An EDFA is an optical amplifier based on Erbium-doped optical fiber, that amplifies optical signals without converting them into electrical form. EDFAs use semiconductor lasers to pump Erbium Doped Fiber to amplify light in 1.5 μm wavelength region where telecom fibers have their loss minimum. It has low noise and can amplify many wavelengths simultaneously, which makes DWDM possible and becomes a key enabling technology for optical communication networks. Since the realization of EDFA, it has developed rapidly and has become the amplifier choice for most applications in optical communication.

Advantages of CATV EDFA

EDFA is in the low noise, has the characteristics of the good gain trace, large amplifier bandwidth, compatible with wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) systems, with high efficiency, work performance is stable, mature technology and so on and so forth. It is very popular in the modern long-distance high-speed optical communication system.

◆ Good character:

Before the pump generally use 980 nm, after level pump use 1480 nm. Minimizing the NF of EDFA by reasonable optimization to make the system access excellent CNR.

◆ Reliability:

Use 1 u 19 “standard rack, built-in high-performance switching power supply.It can work in 85∽265 vac enterprise voltage.DC48V power supply (reservations) can be an option, too. Chassis cooling can be automatic temperature control.

◆ Intuition:

This machine contains a microprocessor to monitor the working state of the pump laser, LCD displays the working parameters.

◆ Network management model:

Options type monitoring transponder to ensure to meet the national standard with the SCTE HMS standards, which can realize network management monitoring.

◆ Adjustable output optical power:

Output optical power can be changed to -3dB.

◆ The power plug type:

Aluminum structure plug type switching power supply. Be good for heat dissipation and replacement.


The most prominent feature of the optical amplifier is that the device can amplify the optical signal directly without the need to convert the signal into an electrical one before amplifying. EDFA (Erbium-doped Fiber Amplifier) is the one type of many different optical amplifiers that can achieve signal amplification over long-haul optical communication. Fiber-MART provides broad optical amplification solutions for different applications, from telecom, datacom to CATV and has strong technology and experience to design and manufacture EDFA, EYDFA, Raman and Raman-EDFA hybrid. You can save cost by using the most efficient Fiber-Mart CWDM & DWDM Networks solutions.

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