Midco Extends Fiber-Optic Network in Minnesota

South Dakota-based Midcontinent Communications (Midco) has extended its fiber-optic network reach to more locations in Minnesota through a cooperative relationship with Arvig. The agreement with Arvig will help Midco Business customers take advantage of growth opportunities to reach Minnesota communities, including Duluth, Marshall, the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, Rochester, St. Cloud, and more, according to a news release.

Midco is a regional cable provider, providing a triple play service of Cable television, Internet, and telephone service for both North Dakota and South Dakota, along with several communities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The company’s business-class service also provides direct fiber-optic communications services via leased data circuits for larger companies.

“From a Midco perspective, we have added more connectivity to more communities for businesses,” says Scott Smidt, vice president of business engineering and operations for Midco. “It provides broader connectivity in these communities, especially for companies who are part of Midco and have branches in these communities. It’ll allow them to do business with each other more easily.” Smidt says it will also be beneficial to national companies, as it provides them a larger network to do business within.

Midco’s Northern Plains Network already spans 8,400 fiber route miles throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. It is now connected to the Arvig network through multiple interconnect points, which adds 4,000 fiber route miles. Because Midco has certified the Arvig network, Midco business customers needing various fiber and networking solutions in the Arvig geographic area will receive those same service-level assurances, Smidt says.

“We’ve heard increased interest from our current and prospective customers about wanting to make more connections to cities and towns that Arvig covers,” Smidt says. “This relationship allows those businesses the chance to still have Midco as their single point of contact, even if they want to connect off the Midco core network in this region.”

From an Arvig perspective, Director of Business Development Dave Schornack says in a statement, “Our relationship with Midco is mutually beneficial. We look forward to working with Midco to provide connections to customers who are growing and expanding their business networks.

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