Damage to Fiber Optic Network Adds Woes to idea Cellular in Kerala

Mobile phones of idea and Airtel subscribers were silent yesterday due to the disruptions caused on the fiber optic cable networks in the State of Kerala in India. Indian news media reported that the mobile phone service providers, Idea Cellular and Bharti Airtel have been struggling to keep the network live.

It is believed that the network failure happened due to cuts in the fiber optic network in Kerala. But idea officials said the failure was due to. Power outage. Media reports suggest that services were affected on Saturday after the fiber optic link to the state was damaged. The disruption was noted in the morning.

idea kerala fiber network damageIdea customers were angry since they were the worst affected subscribers. Some of them took the matter to social media with funny trolls. The services of Idea Cellular have been completely affected while subscribers of Bharti Airtel were able to receive calls in some places. Fixed-line services that require physical connectivity have also been cut.

Major newspapers in Kerala carried the news that said that the main optical fiber network in Kerala has been cut and it would take hours to get it repaired. Since morning, many people have been trying to contact customer services, but they could not as the calls were also not going through. Cuts in fiber optic lines are not unusual since the safety precautions and work standards being observed and taken by civil construction contractors are substantial of lower standards.

The “Somehow manage” attitude of the majority of engineering companies employing unskilled manpower to handle critical infrastructures is a major culprit behind the rising number of damages to the fiber optic networks. Workmanship standards are still at lower levels, a thing which the newly elected government at the center is now aiming to change by providing skill-training.

Officials of the Idea Cellular said in a statement that on Saturday morning, as a result of a power outage, people in Kerala experienced connectivity problems on the Idea network. However, the problem was resolved and the network was restored. As compensation and also to heal the wounds, idea Cellular offered a 100 minutes FREE local/STD calls. The offer is valid for 48 hours.


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