Review: Popular 24-Port PoE Switch for Different Size Networks


Purpose built for converged networks where video, voice, and data are carried over a single network platform, PoE switches with 8 port, 24 port, and 48 port represents an ideal solution for different size networks like home or SMBs (small and mid-size business networks). 24-port Gigabit PoE switch is a relatively commonly used network switch, which in turn cause hot discussions in forums and communities. Then what to consider when choosing a 24-port PoE switch? What’s the popular 24-port Gigabit PoE switch to select? This post will give an answer.


Considerations to Choose a 24-port PoE Switch

As we know, the basic types of a network switch are managed switch, smart managed switch, and an unmanaged switch. Usually, managed and smart managed switches are an optimal choice for SMB applications because of its better control of networks.

Power budget—PoE switches are designed to power devices like IP cameras, VoIP phone, AP, etc. The power the 24-port PoE switch provides should meet the requirements. After all, not all the 24 port on gigabit PoE switches can offer power.

Cost—this factor is that many users care about. Buying a satisfying PoE switch with low cost is a pleasant experience. Here I’d like to say, with the same configuration, not all managed switches are expensive than smart managed switches. Therefore, before buying a 24-port PoE managed switch, try to get more suggestions in related forums or communities like Reddit.

Warranty—do not ignore this factor when choosing a gigabit PoE switch. There are many switch vendors supplying 24-port Gigabit PoE switches, but not all manufacturers offer the same warranty. And many buyers are complaint with warranty after buying a network switch.

Review: Popular 24-port PoE Switch

Since there are various Ethernet switch vendors in the market who provide 24-port PoE switches. Here I will list the most often discussed PoE switches with 24 ports.

Cisco SGE2000P 24-Port Gigabit PoE Switch

cisco-24-port-poe-switch1Cisco SGE2000P 24-port Gigabit PoE switch is one of a popular PoE switches in the market. It offers 24 high-speed 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports and 4 SFP ports for the network core or to support bandwidth-intensive applications. This switch is a managed switch that can provide ACL (access control lists), DoS (denial-of-service), VLAN and IEEE 802.1X port authentication. It does not deny that Cisco 24-port Gigabit PoE switch has its own charm for users around the world.

D-link DGS-1100-24P 24-Port Smart Managed PoE Switch

dgs-1100-24p-24-port-poe-switch1If you are tired of the advanced functions of managed PoE switch, this smart managed switch may give a good choice. This 24-port PoE switch is easy to deploy and use. And it offers PoE power budget of 100W which is enough for home use.

FS S1400-24T4F 24-Port Gigabit PoE Switch

fs-24-port-poe-switch1This 24-port Gigabit PoE switch comes with 24x 10/100/1000Base-T RJ45 Ethernet ports, 1x console port, 2x combo port, and 2x Gigabit SFP slots. Its maximum PoE power is 400W, which is higher than the PoE switch mentioned above. Maybe that’s why its price is a little higher than others. Besides, best fits for SMB or entry-level enterprise solution which demands industrial, surveillance, IP Phone, IP Camera or wireless applications.

Netgear GS728TP-100NAS 24-Port Smart Managed PoE Switch

netgear-prosafe-gs728tp-24p-gigabit-poe-switch1Similar to the switch mentioned above, this PoE switch also provides 24-gigabit ports and 4 SFP ports. It’s total PoE budget is 192W, higher than D-Link 24-port PoE switch. According to the product page of Netgear, this switch belongs to a new generation of Gigabit PoE/PoE+ Smart Managed Switches which offer powerful L2 and L2+ features, better PoE functions, aiming to provide users a comprehensive network solution.


This post just gives a simple review for popular 24-port PoE switches and some factors that need to be considered when buying 24-port Gigabit PoE switches. No matter what type of PoE switch you are choosing, make sure its capabilities can meet your basic requirements.

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